If you are a cat owner and want to feed your adorable feline pet healthy and nutritious food, you may also want to think about home-cooked meals rather than packaged foods. These homemade recipes are perfect for keeping your cat happy and contented.

When your boyfriend is in the growing-up phase of his life, one of the most important things he needs, besides your love and care, is, of course, a proper and balanced diet.

In this blog you will see some of the best pet food for cats that will help strengthen their overall health. But before that, let’s first look at some of the essential nutrients needed to ensure the well-being of cats. So let’s get started,

Essential nutrients needed for cat growth
Most cats require at least 30% of the daily calories contained in protein to maintain excellent muscle growth and provide a reliable immune system. Protein also helps to maintain the health of the coat and improves the overall bone density of cats.

Fat is a concentrated source of energy and provides twice as much energy as proteins and carbohydrates. All fats are made up of fatty acids, which also include essential acids such as omega-3 and omega-6. These omega-fatty acids are essential for healthy hair growth in cats and for maintaining healthy brain function.

Vitamins and minerals
Vitamins and minerals are essential to ensure the well-being of your cats. Speaking of vitamins, it helps regulate the metabolic rate and promotes good eyesight and bone strength. As for minerals, they are important for maintaining excellent body functions in cats. They also help in the formation of enzymes.

Cats need fresh water every day to maintain perfect health and well-being. They help to remove toxins from the blood and maintain the health of each organ. Since cats usually don’t like drinking water from a bowl, it’s very important to provide them with good wet cat food. The sauce food contains enough moisture to ensure constant hydration of your adorable feline.

What kind of human food can I give my cats?
Human food can be nutritious for cats as they contain all the essential nutrients they need. Since the food is prepared at home, it can be considered safe for your small feline pet. We have listed some of the best cat foods that are also consumed by humans.

Hard-boiled eggs
Hard-boiled eggs are nothing but a stimulant for the health of cats. You should know that eggs are rich in protein and are easily digested. In addition, they are a good source of amino acids that help build good muscle mass. However, do not give cats raw eggs, as they can cause complications such as food virusing.

In addition, the protein contained in a raw egg may interfere with the absorption of biotin. Biotin is necessary for cats to develop a shiny coat and healthy skin. Therefore, hard-boiled eggs can be considered one of the best cat food

Baked vegetables
Although fresh vegetables such as cucumber, melon, broccoli, string beans, etc. are extremely nutritious for cats, as well as for humans, cats have an aversion to these vegetables. It will be difficult for you to get an animal from the feline family to eat vegetables. But you can’t avoid vegetables, as they are an excellent source of vitamins and fiber that promote healthy digestion in cats. In addition, there is water in it, which the cat needs.

So, what would be better in this matter is to feed your cute cats with baked or steamed vegetables. They will eat it without a problem, and you will also satisfy their nutritional needs. You can also make a burger out of all these vegetables.

Fish Baked In The Oven
Fish is rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which help improve your cat’s eyesight and prevent kidney health-issue and arthritis. Thus, you can feed the cat with boiled fish or even boiled salmon.

Avoid giving them raw fish, as it harms their health. Also, don’t give them sushi, as they are also eaten raw. To provide your cats with nutrients, you can add fish oil supplements to their diet

Cooked Whole Grain Products
Whole-grain products, such as oats, are rich in protein, fiber, and are also part of

cat food rich in iron. They take good care of their overall health. Other wholegrain foods you can give your pet cat include cornmeal, barley, brown rice and millet couscous. Make sure that the grains are well roasted, as they are easily digested by cats.

Boiled Chicken
Since cats are carnivorous creatures, a piece of chicken would be one of the ideal foods for cats. Chicken is an excellent source of low-fat protein and helps cats build muscle mass.

Boiled chicken is a great treat for cats. You can try combining it with boiled rice to avoid stomach problems. Chicken protein also helps maintain excellent reproductive health. Keep in mind that the chicken is not too spicy and boneless..

Bananas are considered a food that improves the health of cats because of the amount of nutrients they contain. They are an excellent source of soluble fiber and potassium, contributing to excellent digestion in cats. In addition, they also serve as ideal snacks for cats. Despite the fact that this is a healthy food, it is recommended that your cat’s diet consists not only of bananas, because they contain a lot of sugar.

As with humans, apples are good for animals like cats and dogs, mainly because they have a lot of fiber, which is good for their belly. In addition, it is an ideal snack for obese cats, as well as for cats with reduced metabolism.

In addition, apples contain other nutrients, such as vitamins A and C, which make bones and tissues healthy. Don’t forget to avoid apple seasonings, as they may not suit your cats.

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