Despite the fact that it seems that we didn’t really have much time, summer is coming to an end. If, like me, you are not looking forward to the upcoming winter, think about your cats! For many cat owners, letting their feline friends come and go from home is impossible, so how important is it to have an outdoor cat shelter? While it’s definitely worth considering installing a cat flap (microchip cat flaps help solve a lot of the problems that conventional flaps face), we understand that some cats will have to stay outside for a long period of time. Outdoor cat kennels will provide shelter for your pet when the weather worsens. We will give you a more complete idea of the benefits of an outdoor cat shelter, as well as the features of our range of outdoor cat kennels Mr. Snugs. They will definitely prepare you and your cat for the upcoming winter months.

Advantages of an outdoor Cat Shelter
Provides shelter from wet and cold weather
Provides protection from the sun during the summer months
Allows you to leave your cat outside if you don’t have a cat flap
Allows them to be surprised freely from the outside, but with safety when there is somewhere to retreat

We have a number of outdoor cat kennels Mr. Snugs. Available in a variety of colors, and some with additional accessories. It is made of a single piece of molded plastic, which ensures the nursery’s resistance to dampness, leaks and rotting and, consequently, an exceptionally long service life.

Features of the Mr Snugs Cattery
Waterproof and windproof
Drain hole for easy cleaning
No seams through which water could leak
Resistant to microorganisms or parasites to ensure hygiene
Made of a single piece of molded plastic – no assembly required
Won’t rot like wooden cat boxes
Also suitable for small dogs
Resistance to damage and UV radiation
The drainage hole at the bottom makes it easy to flush the inside out of the hose
Front roof overhang and recessed door to keep the interior dry
The raised floor keeps the shelter warm, dry and cozy
Available in 6 packages

You can just have an open cattery Mr. Snugs shell, where your cat can run away when she wants to hide. We also have the same cat kennel, which has a heating pad that fits inside to give your cat extra warmth. Or, to take it one step further, we have a nursery mattress and bedding specially made for our Mr Snugs kennels. This will provide your cat with good insulation, and machine washing will allow you to monitor the hygiene of your cats.

We really believe that a street cattery is an indispensable purchase for any cat who has to spend a lot of time on the street. Regardless of whether you purchased it for your cat or you have any other questions, be sure to contact us! You can leave a comment below or chat with us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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