Oh, Christmas tree, Oh, Christmas tree..these holiday clips bring us so much joy, but there are potential perils lurking in their branches. Before decorating your home for the holidays, it is important to know which elements of the holiday can endanger your pets.

The perils of real trees
Why are Christmas trees toxic to dogs and cats? Pine needles and tree water are not pets at all. Needles can irritate the gastrointestinal tract if your pet eats them, and they can also cause blockages or punctures in the intestinal lining of your dog or cat.

Christmas trees are also toxic to cats and dogs due to the chemicals contained in the tree water. Many Christmas trees are treated with preservatives, fertilizers, pesticides and even aspirin, which ends up in the tree water around the trunk and can harm your four-legged friend if you try to get him tipsy. It is best to cover the perch and water it with a collar so that your dog or cat cannot access it.

Legged rodents should also worry about Poinsettias and other indoor plants. Also, as romantic and mistletoe as it is, it can be toxic to your pets. Same with Jolly Holly, keep it away from your furry babies! As a rule, try to keep all live plants out of the reach of your pets.

Dangers of dummy trees
Christmas pines are bad for dogs and cats, whether they are real or dummy. Although artificial trees are less peril than real ones, they can still pose a browbeat to your pets. Artificial trees can be harmful if your pet eats plastic needles. In addition, you need to make sure that your tree is stable, otherwise it could tip over and harm your pet if you push or pull it. This is especially common in curious cats who like to play on the branches. Unfortunately, even artificial Christmas trees are peril for dogs and cats.

Dangers related to decoration
Glass decorations are another element that makes Christmas trees peril for cats and dogs. Jewelry creates problems if it breaks and cuts your pet’s paws. They are even more peril if your dog or cat ingests fragments. Ornaments with flexible hooks fall from trees if they are not properly anchored, and your quadrupeds may try to eat them. They can create a choking harmful or damage the mouth, esophagus, stomach and intestines. We recommend wearing only unbreakable jewelry that is out of the reach of your pet.

Harmful related to lighting, wires and garlands
While we all want our holidays to be bright, light can be peril. The light filaments can get too hot and potentially burn the animals that come into contact with them. If your dog or cat chews on the wire, they may get an electric shock or burns in their mouth. In addition, chewing on an electrical wire can also cause pulmonary edema (fluid in the lungs) which can be fatal. While cats may like to play with brightly colored garlands, they should never be eaten. If swallowed, it can clog the intestines and cause serious health problems.

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