Summer is here and although many of us enjoy the beautiful warm weather this season, our pets may not enjoy it as much.

Rabbits, in particular, are vulnerable to heat stroke and depend on their owners to provide them with cooler conditions during the summer months. Wild rabbits go underground or hide under bushes to stay cool, so here we take a look at how, as pet owners, we can help rabbits stay cool in hot weather.

Give your rabbit more shade

Keep the rabbit cage as far away from direct sunlight as possible. Metal booths, in particular, can warm up very quickly and stay warm all day. It is ideal to place the cage in a shady place in your garden, preferably under a tree or a large shrub, to let in a little light and protect your rabbits from extreme heat. If you can’t move the cage, try placing a large umbrella near the sun. This will help reduce the intensity of sunlight.

The same applies to their rabbits, because they are made mainly of metal mesh and are completely exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. A lightweight cover that allows the wind to circulate and ventilate the room, while offering protection from the sun, guarantees that they will be able to enjoy their training sessions without overheating.

Try placing ceramic tiles or slate inside the rabbit’s cage. This is a cool trick and your bunnies will love the cool feeling on their body when they are lying on top. A tunnel or shelter is also a great idea for the inside of the cage, ideal for an extra layer of shade.

Offer your Rabbit Fresh and Fresh Water

A supply of fresh water is always necessary, which should be replenished regularly throughout the day during the summer months. The combination of water bowls and bottles will allow your rabbit to have access to a large amount of liquid, and he may even like to lie on the bowls in very hot weather.

Adding ice cubes to the container with water will cool and store fresh vegetables. Naturally, they contain a lot of water and your rabbit will be happy to chew them during the long hot days while staying hydrated.

Keep the flies at bay

Flies are perhaps the most annoying thing about summer! They are the most persistent creatures that can drive us crazy and, unfortunately, have the same impact on our rabbits.

Flies can cause serious damage if they lay eggs on your rabbit, so it’s very important to keep them away from the cage. Careful hygiene is essential, and only regular cleaning of bedding and litter for your pets will help keep these creatures away. If you see flies around your rabbit’s cage, consider hanging sticky paper nearby (out of reach of your rabbits) and regularly check your pet for signs of infestation. Caring for rabbits and removing excess hair will not only help them stay cool in the heat, but also give them fewer places to lay their eggs.

How to identify the symptoms of a heat stroke in rabbits

Heat stroke in rabbits can be fatal, just like in other small animals. If you can detect the symptoms of heat stroke at an early stage, you will have time to reverse the effects. The main symptoms to look out for are;

Rapid and shallow breathing
Moisture around the nose
Take a quick breath with your mouth open, throwing your head back
Warm ears

If you are worried that your rabbit may have heat stroke, immediately take it to a cool, well-ventilated place. Do not immerse them in cold water, as this can shake them, but apply a cold compress to your ears. Offer them plenty of fresh, cool water and stay calm. If, in a short period of time, they do not seem to be getting better, take them to your local veterinarian immediately.

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